Rachel and Josh's wedding at Summerfields Estate on the Mornington Peninsula

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Here are our top tips to help you make a decision!

Make sure you feel comfortable with your chosen photographer. You will be spending the majority of the day with them so choose someone you can talk to and will feel relaxed with.

Relaxed couples make the best photos!




Ask to see a whole wedding so you can be sure that the quality of composition and processing is consistent throughout a complete wedding, it’s easy to show one or two good hero shots!

Ask about processing methods, do they edit and process all of the images or do they only concentrate on the ones chosen for the album?

The best wedding photographers are also great wedding planners so chat to them about timelines to ensure that you get the best amount of photo time for you and that everything fits in with your venue’s timings.

It’s worth asking if your photographer is insured for public liability and are they a member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers). If they are then you can be sure that their work and business practices will have been quality checked. Look for the AIPP logo!

Your wedding photos are precious – be sure to ask about back-ups and storage of your precious images!

Where to start – an expo is an ideal opportunity to meet and have a look at a photographers work, as you will already know!

The price range nowadays for photography is huge! Before setting a budget have a look around to get a feel for price and quality of images and service.

Many photographers offer gift vouchers so maybe ask a group of friends to help you get those precious memories.

Along with your wedding ring and dress, your photos will be the one ever-lasting item from your wedding so be prepared to allocate a little more to get the photos of your dreams!

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