It’s been a nervous week here at Slick Shoots whilst we waited for the judging of the annual photographic awards of the Victoria AIPP!

The AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) holds awards in each state followed by a national competition later in the year.  Images are judged by the leading photographers in their field, so yes, that means the top wedding photographers in Melbourne who all have many awards to their names! Images are not only judged for their composition but also on technical criteria together with the printing, so there are many factors to get right! Waiting for your print to come up and being scored by 5 judges is a little daunting but so exciting when they give you an award!

Kim decided to enter this year as she had these two recent images that we thought were a little different and expressed the joy, fun and laughter at a wedding. She was very happy with the Silver Award for the first shot but when the second one was awarded a Silver Distinction she was over the moon!

We must also thank Ashley and Dan’s groomsmen for their quick moment of holding hands (and it was quick!) together with Rachel and Josh’s friends and family for their wonderful expressions of happiness during the petal throwing shot.

Award winning photo Award winning photo

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